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This is the book group for World Class Learners - Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students by Yong Zhao.
Welcome to our unit on the quest for happiness in American society!

Welcome to Miss Hirshfield's lovely period 3 class' Moodle-discussion group for Frank McCourt's memoir, Angela's Ashes!

Welcome to Miss Hirshfield's period SEVEN class website for our study of Angela's Ashes! smile

Welcome to Ms.Kakaliou's AE Chemistry Moodle Site!
Advanced Placement (AP) Biology is open to all ABRHS students that have completed a year of Biology and Chemistry. This is a college-level class and may earn you college credit after successfully completing the AP Exam in early May.
Welcome to the Moodle site for AP Environmental Science!

This is a trigonometry-based physics course that is very lab-oriented. The main text is Physics, 6thEdition by Wilson, Buffa, and Lou. The text is supplemented with a variety of teacher-developed handouts and other materials. Labs are used extensively to both introduce and reinforce the key concepts being studied. Mathematically, algebra and trigonometry are used throughout the course.

Welcome to the Honors Moodle Site!

Welcome to the Honors Biology Moodle site!

Welcome to the moodle site for AE Biology!

This moodle is a resource for Mr. Maloney's Honors Earth Science course

Welcome to the Honors Earth Science Online Section with Mr. Clinton.

Earth, oceans, atmosphere, and the Universe - oh my.

Welcome to AE Earth Science

Welcome to the Moodle site for the Acton Boxborough Envirothon program!

This course, geared toward elementary classroom teachers, reading specialists, and special educators, will provide participants with an in-depth study of comprehension strategies for students in Grades K – 6.

Participants will investigate comprehension strategies and create lessons that can be taught through interactive read-alouds, shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading.

Participants will become familiar with and utilize the ELA Common Core State Standards in relation to comprehension strategies.

This course will help participants to build a repertoire of tools and thinking skills and strategies that will help their students understand and respond to fiction and non-fiction texts.
This hybrid course is designed for K-5 classroom teachers and special educators who must implement the

newly adopted Common Core Writing standards. Participants will interpret the standards and bridge the

gap between theory and instruction. Utilizing a variety of resources including district provided Units of

Study, online resources, and one required textbooks, participants will design curriculum and instruction

to help their students meet these standards. Particular emphasis will be placed on the role of effective

feedback to promote writing skills across the content areas.
Book Study
Welcome to the course. Over the next seven weeks, we will be turning up the H.E.A.T on Learning. H.E.A.T? Yes, Higher order thinking, Engaged learning, Authentic connections, and Technology use. We will examine how these four elements along with specific learning conditions combine to create opportunities for effective learning and deep understanding in your content area.
This is the discussion and posting place for the Annenberg Teaching Reading 3-5 Course
Moodle discussion for the ELA Assessment Sub-committee
Five Minds for the Future by Howard Gardner Book Study
The purpose of this course is to create a 3-credit graduate-level course for colleagues, which will be offered in the future through the professional learning program. Since participants who take part in professional learning invest time, which is at a premium, it is vital to make a sincere effort to meet the needs and expectations of learners in our district as courses are developed and delivered. Participating in this course will help build a solid foundation for each course offered and pave the way for an effective professional learning program that meets the needs and expectations of teachers in our district.
Resource for teachers on 2009 Instructional Technology Planning Committee

  There are many connections between music and the Common Core Curriculum.  This class will provide resources and
instructional strategies to facilitate the use of music to enhance student
learning.  Participants will learn how to use music
activities to:  reinforce learning in the
core curriculum subject areas, motivate learners, and, increase attention
span.  Teaching strategies in this course
will include lectures, demonstration, hands-on activities, readings, video
presentations, cooperative learning activities, and active class participation

This course will focus teachers on using primary sources to enhance their instruction.

This course is designed to introduce online pedagogy and the tools available with Moodle course management software.

This is the book study discussion for the book "Using Science Notebooks in the Elementary/Middle School Classroom by Michael Klentchy
Book Study - Writing With Power
Ten Lessons Book Group
Department of Technology Integration and Instruction
Life Threatening Allergies in the School Setting: Annual Faculty Review